Vinitha Rangarajan

Graduate Student/Ph.D. candidate, UC Berkeley, Psychology, 2015 - Present (Ph.D. Expected 2020)

Education & Prior Positions:

Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley, 2016
Lab Manager, Stanford University, 2011-2015
B.S. Biology, UC San Diego, 2006-2010
Research Assistant, UC San Diego, 2007-2010

Scientific interests & short bio:

Vinitha is a graduate student in the Cognitive Neuroscience area (Department of Psychology) working with Robert T Knight (dissertation advisor) and Kevin Weiner (mentor). Her work combines intracranial electrophysiology and electrical stimulation to investigate high-level vision. In particular, Vinitha is leveraging electrocorticography to investigate the spatial and temporal profile of repetition suppression and multistable perception in humans.

Honors & Awards:

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation (2015-Present)

Selected Publications:

  • Rangarajan V, Weiner KS, Jacques CJ, Parvizi J, Knight RT, Grill-Spector K.  Temporal dynamics of repetition suppression revealed by human intracranial recordings in ventral temporal cortex. (In Prep)
  • Rangarajan V & Parvizi J. Functional asymmetry between the left and right human fusiform gyrus explored through electrical brain stimulation. (2016) Neurospsychologia 83, 29–36.
  •  Hermes D, Foster BL, Weiner KS, Jacques C, Grill-Spector K, Parvizi J. Electrical Stimulation of Face-Selective Areas in the Left and Right Human Fusiform Gyrus Causes Distinctive Perceptual Effects. (2014) Journal of Neuroscience 34(38), 12828-36.
  • Jacques C, Witthoft N, Weiner KS, Foster BL, Rangarajan V, Miller KJ, Hermes D, Parvizi J, Grill-Spector K. The relationship between fMRI and ECoG measurements of category selectivity in human ventral temporal cortex.  (2016) Neuropsychologia 83, 14–28.
  • Parvizi J, Jacques C, Foster BL, Witthoft N, Rangarajan V, Weiner KS, Grill-Spector K. Electrical stimulation of human fusiform face-selective regions distorts face perception. (2012) Journal of Neuroscience 32(43), 14915-20.